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We've Been Nominated For the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2022!

What makes this one so special is that we've been nominated within a category that's very close to our hearts - The Circular Economy Project of the Year Award! We're always pushing the circular economy so this is something we're very excited about (as you can tell!)

The BusinessGreen Leaders Awards themselves provide a unique opportunity for companies like ourselves to showcase and celebrate the best of the UK's green economy and burgeoning net zero transition, and is one of the most prestigious events of its' kind in the UK, featuring some of the country's most inspiring projects, trail-blazing businesses and talented entrepreneurs - A group which we're proud to be a part of!

The Circular Economy Project of the Year Award aims to recognise businesses who have pushed the circular approach into the mainstream, which we certainly do with both our UK remanufactured toners and UK recycling scheme, where we take back and remanufacture over 1,000,000 toner cartridges every single year. 

Here's what our Director, Chris Fink had to say;

"Tackling backwards, linear-thinking economies and processes has been on of ECS's major goals since the company's inception. Our planet is no longer compatible with the way that the majority of businesses and processes are run - something that has to change, and should have changed a long time ago."

As always, we try to encourage and promote the use of remanufactured toner cartridges, not only due to their cost-saving advantages, but because they're a fantastic solution for the environment and the most appropriate choice when it comes to deciding what to put into your copiers. The reuse of an OEM cartridge prevents the need for more raw materials to replace it on the market - which also prevents the cartridge from ending up in landfill in the majority of cases. 

Overall, we're very pleased to be nominated for an award that feels so close to home as a huge campaigner for the circular economy and a greener future. We hope to be able to bring this award home on behalf of our industry and all of our Partners who have committed to a better, circular future by working together with us. 

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