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Is Remanufacturing on the Rise?

Any time cutting costs are involved - it's likely that you'll see the topic of remanufacturing rise in prominence as the use of remanufactured products in itself can be seen as a cost cutting exercise, after all, a remanufactured item that has been produced with quality and care can often provide a product that is identical in all facets to its original counterpart. 

Other factors have also influenced the number of remanufacturers and repairers within the UK. Following the UK government's Right to Repair law going into effect last year there are now far more opportunities for remanufacturers and repairers with less barriers and restriction from OEM manufacturers who are no longer able to completely restrict access to their parts and documentation relating to their products. 

Will remanufacturing continue to expand? We hope so, and it should. The European Remanufacturing Network has estimated that the remanufacturing industry could grow by 90 billion euros by 2030 and provide jobs to 255,000 people. 

The UK remanufacturing industry could be worth over £5.6bn if the business model can be cracked, but despite the potential of the industry, particularly in terms of its ability to transform the future of the planet, it's an industry that is often overlooked. The UK's current remanufacturing market is valued at £2.4bn despite having the potential to double in size.

One of the main issues the remanufacturing industry faces is getting used products back to their premises in a cost-effective way. We do this through our very own recycling scheme, which you can find out more about here.

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