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Greenwashing persists

Greenhushing, greenshifting, greencrowding: Greenwashing. It's getting MUCH harder to spot, but it still very much exists. 

You'll probably be more aware of what it is now more than ever, with news spreading earlier this year of new EU Anti-Green washing legislation set to prevent companies from taking advantage of consumers desires for an environmentally friendly product by using false claims and misleading marketing practices. 

As such, with this new legislation, companies will need to verify any green claims that they make about their products and services before they can be published to their consumers, with fines available for those companies who don't comply with the legislation. This could be introduced as early as this year, but greenwashing problems still persist, despite the warning of incoming legislation and greater education available around the topic itself. 

Last month Planet Green, a US organisation filed a lawsuit against Amazon for allowing the sale of products that have been enhanced via false marketing and advertising, creating unfair competition by participating in the sale of newly manufactured compatible clone cartridges that are listed as remanufactured. 

With remanufactured cartridges being far superior than compatible cartridges, this allows Amazon to enhance the profile of these items, while offering them at a much cheaper price in line with other compatible cartridges. Consumers who are inexperienced in the differences between the two types of cartridge are likely to go for the environmentally friendly, cheaper option in this case, which is in fact a compatible cartridge - something far from environmentally friendly.

Despite these appeals from Planet Green, Amazon continues to allow these products to be listed on their platforms, deceiving thousands of customers on a daily basis.

Let us know your thoughts on greenwashing and if you've seen any recent examples within our industry!

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