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European Commission Announces New Proposals

These proposals were based off of a circular economy action plan which was first announced two years ago, highlighting the way towards a competitive economy of empowered consumers which hoped to be climate-neutral by 2050. 

The overall aim is to move away from a 'take-make-dispose' linear economy and onto a more circular approach where products that are used within the market are designed to last longer while being easier to disassemble for reuse and remanufacturing at the end of their lifecycle. All of which is fantastic news for us as both a recycler and remanufacturer, making our processes much simpler and our products a more appealing choice for potential clients. 

Alongside these proposals also included the addition of a Digital Product Passport for all products, which would store key data to improve traceability around products by setting out information requirements which will provide knowledge to customers about the impacts of the products on shelves, allowing them to make a more sustainable choice. 

There's a lot to digest here, and certainly much more to delve into when it comes to the consequences and impacts that this will have on our industry. We'd love to hear your thoughts - get in touch with us!

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