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A Sustainable Solution For Suppliers Who Demand Quality, Performance and Reliability

The world has changed. Along with it have the demands of your customers, who see sustainability as a necessity and no longer just an option. EPRO remanufactured toners have been remanufactured with this completely in mind, reusing all parts and components possible while replacing any which could compromise quality.

We've recognised the need to support this change without sacrificing the all important quality and performance that you demand throughout the entire EPRO range of remanufactured products. 

Not only this, EPRO products are remanufactured CORRECTLY and always meet ETIRA requirements.

There has never been a more appropriate time to invest in the future by using EPRO remanufactured products, designed specifically for those who are committed to protecting the environment and enhancing the green credentials of YOUR business. 

By using EPRO cartridges, you'll take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Reduce landfill - currently 85% of OEM cartridges bought worldwide are sent to landfill
  • Cost savings - save between 15 and 50% by using EPRO remanufactured toners
  • Reduce raw materials and energy - using EPRO remanufactured cartridges reduces the need for either of these factors in the production of new OEM cartridges
  • A fantastic reputation - EPRO remanufactured cartridges have helped ECS to win remanufacturer of the year for two years in a row. EPRO cartridges hold a fantastic reputation, not only for their environmental qualities but for their level of performance too.

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