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Imagine saving over £500,000 a year by switching toners...

That's exactly what one of our clients did by using just one of our toner ranges.

By spending a fraction of what your competitors do on toners, you can:

  • Cut your service expenses
  • Slash your copy click costs
  • Build more profitable service departments
  • Grow your profits

If you want to be at least one step ahead of the rest, join ECS as a partner. You get all the benefits of the largest dealerships in Europe WITHOUT compromising on quality.

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Quality is everything. You know that. We know that. So you never get anything but the best.

You might think you can get what you want cheaper elsewhere - and you'd be right. At first glance.

But before you go any further, there's something you should know about the cheapest options. They're not really cheap. In fact, in the long run, they're very expensive indeed.

After all, would you use a product that doesn't do what it should do?

Inferior OEM alternative cartridges are filled with 'coal dust' or 'hoover dust', and won't bring you anything but hassle and frustration.

Plus, of course, the hidden costs of failing products...

  • Extra visits from your engineers
  • Angry, disappointed and frustrated clients
  • Machines down... no click
  • Sub-standard copy
  • Futile service agreements
  • Damage to your reputation

Use the best quality toners, though, and you'll reap the benefits for you and your clients:

  • Guaranteed forward and reverse compatibility with OEM toners
  • Optimum output for the machine - as it was originally designed
  • Enhanced-performance cartridges that match or out-perform OEM toners
  • No legal grey areas or patent infringements
  • Proven and tested products
  • Guaranteed free from defects in materials and workmanship
  • Most reliable toner cartridges around
  • Performance matches the original in colour, copies per gram, and waste generation
  • Long-term testing to make sure there's no unusual wear and tear on the imaging system
  • A cast-iron guarantee

Try our toner. If it doesn't do what we say it will - for any reason - you can have your money back. No hassle. Guaranteed.*

Chris, ECS MD

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