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About ECS

An independent remanufacturer & distributor of premium reprographic consumables

Why Choose Us?

I'm sure you've heard of whitewashing - glossing over or hiding unpleasant facts.

But have you heard of greenwashing?

It's a similar concept. Some less-than-honourable firms use green PR and marketing deceptively to make people think their products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly - when, in fact, they're not.

I don't know about you, but I find that pretty grim.

Not just because these companies are damaging the environment, although that's bad enough. But because they're also deceiving their customers and providing poor-quality products to boot.

People just like you are enticed by promises of great products, great service, and the satisfaction of doing good for the planet we live on at the same time...

Only to be profoundly disappointed when the reality falls far short of the promises.

No Greenwashing Here

Some 'environmentally friendly' remanufacturers and recyclers have a bigger carbon footprint than the ones they're claiming to balance. At ECS, we believe that's unacceptable.

And unnecessary!

It's very frustrating, and that frustration is what led me to start Effective Consumable Solutions and build a dedicated, talented and highly trained team to run it.

We source, distribute and sell the finest quality remanufactured, OEM and compatible toners and parts, maintaining the all-important quality without compromising on our green credentials.

Zero To Landfill

Everything we do in our business respects the Earth and our environment. When you do business with us, you can be sure you're trading ethically.

In building our business with Partners just like you, we're helping to build a sustainable economy and vastly reducing the amount of dangerous waste going to landfill.

Our aim is Zero To Landfill. That means everything we receive is either refurbished, remanufactured, reused, or recycled - to the benefit of us all.

Looking For Reasons To Choose ECS?

Here are 7 more reasons to choose ECS as your Partner:

  1. We don't sell cheap - we sell value. Cheap, inferior OEM alternatives bring only hassle and frustration - not to mention the hidden costs of failing products.
  2. You'll spend a fraction of what your competitors do on toners. You'll find you can cut your service expenses, slash your copy click costs, build more profitable service departments and grow your profits - fast.
  3. You get access to our Direct Fulfilment Service. Order via EDI or through our website for direct-to-client next day deliveries using a plain or custom-designed delivery note.
  4. You'll never have to worry about breaking the law with illegal imported cartridges.
  5. You get access to our Greener Side recycling scheme - which ensures you and your customers can dispose of waste consumables safely, easily and efficiently.
  6. You’ll win more tenders – guaranteed. We work closely with our Partners to help them submit tenders to Government, the NHS, the MOD, local authorities… and our Partners win more.
  7. You benefit from our unique, cast-iron guarantee.* If our toner doesn't do what we say it will - for any reason - you can have your money back. No hassle. Guaranteed.

Join us today. Become an ECS Partner and we’ll have your back.

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